Complete Digital Marketing Analysis

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Complete Digital Marketing Analysis

What’s Included:

  1. We perform a diagnosis on your website on the google search engine. (Beneficial for online reputation awareness).
  2. SEO Audit on keyword ranking on the google search engine.
  3. Document all external links on a spreadsheet.
  4. Document all internal links on a spreadsheet.
  5. Choose one competitor to perform a keyword analysis.


Here at I Win Marketing we have a private portal for our clients for a variety of solutions. 

  1. Any document that is exchanged between us during our partnership will be exchanged through our own private portal. Benefits of our private portal is to keep all documents in one place with organizational focus.
  2. Ability to give staff members different levels of access to your dashboard for example, “To learn about the recent updates to the google algorithm.” “How to gain more traffic to your website.” “How to convert traffic into clients.”

*Our Basic User Membership is free to use for the first year with a purchase of any of our packages.


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