Apple Maps Vs Google Maps | What’s your choice?

Some people say there is no comparison between the two. It depends on if you are in the Tech industry or if you may be just a customer that uses one of these two intelligent applications.

As you can see the image below Apple Maps has intergraded Uber’s API which is efficient. If you have Uber downloaded onto your phone and signed in you can book your ride directly through Apple Maps.  I’m not too sure when they actually completed that update but is great!

As you can see below on the next image available is rates to desired destination with Lyft and Uber. With Google Maps the user is not able to book a Lyft or Uber directly through the application. On the Google Maps Lyft is intergraded and visible is the pricing on different size vehicles, Apple Maps does not include Lyft rates.

I decided to make a tutorial between the two applications because I realized that I can write on and on about the differences and similarities of these wonderful and powerful applications. I suggest you watch the video below to learn more! Share this video with any loved ones that are not too Tech Savy.


Video was taken on Iphone 8s

Author: @yossefkader

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