Irvine, California, Feb. 15, 2018 /IWinMarketing/ — Facebook US ( – Topic for group discussion “Entrepreneurs should Collaborate and Share ideas – Eliminate the Fear of competitiveness.”

I Win Marketing decided to create a Facebook group for small business owners to collaborate on ideas to help each other grow. As a small business owner not all individuals envision the same passion or dream that they are working towards achieving. It’s important for businesses to express there concerns on future products or services, maybe even share customer experiences they have had. It’s important to focus on the similar attributes. Young entrepreneurs are mostly in the start up phase and revenue base is usually not 6 figures (annually). Growth for start ups equals acquisitions and that’s what will help annual revenues and to help become a publicly traded company (which is a whole different topic). It’s extremely important to know who your competitors are and what there end game plan is. If you plan to be in your Niche for more than a decade than I believe you should find out how you can acquire your competitors in a timely fashion. 

Sit down and really think about your business for the future and write out a strategic plan on how you are going to become a company that is generating 7 figures annually in revenues. Good luck.