How to rank page 1 on Google? This is a fun question that I often receive in my inbox. There is variety of answers to ranking on google. Ranking on page 1 takes a great amount of patience and time. Each answer to this question has it’s own unique value to the algorithm. Learning about search engine optimization is exciting, fun, repetitive and LONG! The reason why I emphasize on it being a lengthy process is due to each individual keyword has it’s own popularity.

Here is a keyword (website designer) that I am currently working on ranking on google. I started working on this keyword less than a week ago. Being a service provider to many amazing clients and partners I often don’t have the time to spend on my website. I

How do you identify the top keyword? Let’s say you are a realtor. I would first ask you what type of homes do you sell? If you answer high end luxury homes in Beverly Hills, California then we found a winner. Learn more on how to rank real estate top keywords on google.


How much does SEO cost? Depending on the amount of keywords you want to rank and the popularity it varies on pricing. Every partnership that we have has it’s own tailed price point. Some companies promote globally, nationally and locally. We offer affordable a digital analysis that is delivered in 3 days. In this analysis it explains top 5 keyword rankings, competitor rankings, meta titles, descriptions, urls, directory listings and more!


Why do I have to clear my cache when checking on page position for a certain keyword? The reason why is because your phone will remember the links that you have clicked and will automatically place it up at the top. Meaning eachtime you delete your cache on your phone it will no longer retain it in the history. This will give you a more accurate response on keyword ranking.


How do I even clear my cache on my Iphone or Ipad? Well here is a quick video for you to watch! Check it out.

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